Empowering People


At ThisAbility WA Services, clients and their families are empowered to participate in their care planning to promote the independence and wellbeing of our clients.


We understand the physical and psychological pressure that is brought about by being the primary carer of a family member or loved one. We are here to assist you when a break is needed.

Our services include one or two days respite where our nurses or a support worker will be available to temporarily takeover your function while you recharge your well-being.

STA or short-termed accommodation is also available from one to six months. MTA or medium-termed accommodation for six months up to a year and we have houses available for long-term accommodation, as well.


Psychosocial Support

It is our desire that our participants will have an active role in their lives. We can support you to have access in whatever activity you desire whether it be swimming or fishing, art class or your studies, travel or trying out a new hobby that you have long wished to do.

TALK TO US and we will try our best to support you and your endevours.

Community Nursing

Administering Medications, NGT Feeding, PEG & PEJ Feeding, PICC Line Care, IDC, diabetic care, spc, etc. Whatever medical support it may be we are here to assist you.

Activities of daily living and Personal Care

We promote independence among our participants. If you need help with personal care such as showers or bath, grooming, getting in and out of bed or chairs we’ll be happy to do it with you

Cleaning Services

You can rely on us for your home cleaning needs. We offer cleaning services for your home 1-2x a week.

Social and Community participation

To enable the independence and well-being of our participants, we will support them in participating on social activities, attend health appointments, and shopping to enable our clients’ independence and well-being.

Support Coordination

Support coordination helps you to understand, implement and optimize the funded supports in your NDIS plan. We focus on linking you to community, mainstream and other government services to support your individual needs. Our dedicated team will assist you to have trusted conversations, connecting you with a range of service providers, enabling you to direct your own life and make your own choices.